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Students have an ally when it comes to getting ready to go to work. Talent Center is your partner in providing you everything you need, from finding an internship to landing your first professional job after graduation. Here’s a brief rundown of the services and information provided at Talent Center.

Social Media for Your Job Search and Beyond

It’s no surprise: Social media is a key player in the job search process today. The presence you maintain and interactions you have on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn give everyone – including potential employers – a glimpse into your life, painting a much broader picture than what’s on your resume or how you handle even the toughest interview questions. Learning how to manage your social media footprint and present yourself in the best light can come with all kinds of rewards: from landing the next opportunity to avoiding unnecessary drama at work – or even losing your job. Additionally, strategic use of your social media presence and network can help you tap into a hidden job market and clue you into opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Got Soft Skills, Get Hired

Think your education and training will be enough to get you a job? Think again! Employers certainly want the education, training and technical skills you bring to a position but they also require the soft skills that tell the employer you are someone that is friendly and can work well with others – that is with both internal and external customers. In addition, you are someone that is dependable and can be expected to be at work on time, every time and all the time. Discover the range of soft skills (from work ethic to communication skills and critical thinking skills to leaderships abilities) needed to be effective in today’s team based work environment. Growing your soft skills, including your awareness of self and others, could be the added value you offer an employer that, in time, leads to bigger career opportunities and success!  

Launch Your Career with the Right Resume

Fact: First impressions matter, regardless of whether you’re making them in person or on paper.  Studies suggest that most employers spend less than one minute reviewing the resumes they receive from potential job candidates, so you need to make sure your resume packs in a strong first impression and can be read in just a moment. You’ll know you got it right when your resume allows a potential employer to quickly connect your qualifications to the position; sells you as results driven rather than just skills driven; and allows the employer to swiftly assess the advantage you offer over other candidates.  Visit Talent Center for help crafting a resume that will show off what you can do for your next employer.

Seeking Success: Job Search Skills

Today’s job market is highly competitive. That means it is essential that you seek out career opportunities aligned with your skills, education and interests. Finding the perfect fit doesn’t take luck – it takes skill. Talent Center can help build the skills needed to navigate today’s job market and find your next job. At Talent Center, you can learn how to navigate job search engines and more – even how to tap into hidden job markets.

Internships in Partnership with College of Central Florida

College of Central Florida’s internship program offers a win-win opportunity for students and local employers. Through internships, students connect to valuable real-world experiences, gain an opportunity to learn about various career fields, and enjoy networking with working professionals. Many employers seek student interns as a resource for project assistance, benefiting from the new ideas and knowledge of current technology today’s students offer. Through internships, employers meet potential candidates for positions within their organizations and students build a resume of experience while attending school, positioning them for optimum career opportunities upon graduation.

Get Ready to Nail that Interview

Your resume got you noticed and you’ve been invited to the interview! Being prepared for the interview is essential to getting the job offer. It’s like having to study for a big test. If you do your homework and study hard, you increase the likelihood you will ace the exam.  If you fail to take the exam seriously, you may pass the exam but not receive a grade that separates you from the majority of your classmates. The following links connect you to the information you need to prepare for the “tell me about yourself” question; behavioral interview questions; odd and funky questions; and questions to ask an employer at the end of the interview. The competition is keen so do your homework then practice your skills with a role play interview from our Talent Center staff. Nail that interview and get the job offer you want and deserve!

Ready to get started? Contact Talent Center to start working toward your career goals today!